Where are you located? 

dunn effects are all etched, drilled, assembled and wired by myself in my home workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. 

Got any sound clips?!

I don't have the budget or resources to offer high quality video clips. But I have been fortunate enough to have some quality demonstrations posted on YouTube by some happy users, so go check those out! I tried to link a few in the product description page.

Are these good for bass? 

Yes, I tune all effects to work for guitar and bass. 

Do you have X pedal in stock? 

Not usually. Standard models are released in small batches to the mailing list members; and all of our custom effects are made to-order. I usually do not have overstock, and as of this time, I do not have any dealer relationships established. Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery (within the US) for standard production models. Custom pedals may take slightly longer.

Do you ship international? 

International shipping is available at a flat rate. All duties, taxes, import charges, etc., are applied. (I cannot mark the value as $.00. Please do not ask.) International shipping service is provided by USPS first class international, which admittedly is not the most timely method of delivery, but is reliable and rather cost effective. 

Do I get a get a tracking number?

Tracking numbers are provided by email for every shipment to the email noted in the PayPal receipt. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final. 

Well... why not?

This is a very small business operation, and simply cannot afford to offer refunds if the effect is simply not to your liking or what you expected. 

Do you buy back pedals?

Not as a standard practice, no.

My pedal showed up and it doesn't work?

If in the event your pedal was damaged in transit: 

1. If it is within reason to repair (and the enclosure is not visibly damaged), please send the pedal back and it will be repaired or replaced at no cost. 

2. If it is beyond repair, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the damaged unit has been returned.

My pedal never showed up? 

If you've received a tracking email, and the package appears to be stuck in transit or was lost in the mail, please contact me directly and I will work to rectify the situation as soon as possible. This is likely entail a replacement unit being sent. 

Does it have a warranty? 

Every dunn effects pedal has a lifetime guarantee, regardless if you're the original owner. Any issues you ever have with it, over it's lifetime, I'll take care of. 

If I mess with it, is the warranty still good?

Modifications of any kind, or performing self-repair (unless directed by me), are highly discouraged.