• Image of Laggard Lite
  • Image of Laggard Lite

The Laggard Lite, a lo-fi digital delay with modulation: a further collaboration between dunn effects (St Louis, MO) and Electronic Audio Experiments (Boston, MA). This is a scaled down unit featuring just the delay side of the original Laggard project.

The delay circuit is a fairly standard PT2399 implementation, but with some tricks for graceful overload. We also added a modulation (Warp) circuit using a hypertriangular LFO, which offers a different sort of pitch bending than the standard sine or triangular LFO. The controls are as follows:
Mix: level of delay repeats (clean signal remains constant)
Time: delay time, introduces noise and artifacts at high settings
Feedback: number of repeats, from a single echo to self-oscillation
Rate: modulation speed, from imperceptibly slow to a fast vibrato
Depth: modulation depth, from subtle to seasick
Warp toggle: engages modulation

Top-loaded input jacks
Standard 2.1mm 9V DC power jack with negative center pin
True Bypass mechanical switching
Bright blue indicator LED's

We cannot offer refunds under any circumstances.
In the event your pedal was damaged in transit:
1. If it is within reason to repair (and the enclosure is not visibly damaged), please send the pedal back and it will be repaired or replaced at no cost.
2. If it is beyond repair, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced once the damaged unit has been returned.

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